Noun: A movie of the "Romantic Comedy" variety that is panned by critics, all men, and even a majority of female viewers. These movies are mostly seen by suckers who are drawn to the theater on an unfortunate opening day, before the correct designation has changed from "Romantic Comedy" to "RomCom Filth."

A minority of viewers also watch these "films" in an ironic fashion, for gags.
Oh yeah, "Maid in Manhattan," one of my friends accidentally that RomCom Filth when it came out, because his girlfriend LOVES J-Lo for some inexplicable reason.

I actually saw it on Valentines Day last year - I was alone so I drank four bottles of wine and vomitted into a bucket. It was a good gag.
by Xander Cruz February 16, 2009
The nasty mung that winds up or grows on the couch/bed after a successful rom-com date
What's that weird stain on your satin pillow?

Oh, yeah. Sally and I went and saw X last went well. So, yeah.

So yeah ... that's just some RomCom Filth I'm laying on?

by Battlestar Pro Falactica January 25, 2011

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