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Term used for Rolling Quad, in which Q stands for Quad. Rolling Quad denotes any act in which the participants go all out, or "Roll Quad". First used in the act of eating pizza, in which eating 4 slices denoted "Rolling Quad", the term can now be applied to nearly any situation. Further meanings span to terms such as GQ4L - Denoting "Going Quad For Life". Those individuals who are the opposite of rolling Q are referred to as the number in which they might roll (i.e. Tre, Dub, or NOD). Those who roll NOD might as well never speak to those who roll Q. Most NOD rollers are scared of those who roll Quad.
(1) I rolled so Q last night that I threw up all over
(2) Kenny Chesney rolls Q - He should sign onto GQ4LRECORDS
(3) I could NOD roll Quad on the Southwest Mo Sandwich
(4) Putty Dolmas is NOT rolling Q
(5) Rolling Quad does NOT denote any sort of docking WHATSOEVER.

(6) Only the two original members of GQ4LRECORDS can deem an individual as a true Q roller
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