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(n) A girl who is commonly seen at raves and electronica shows. They often wear bright, elaborate outfits and have excessive amounts of makeup and glitter. But what most defines a rolling chick from a rave girl is how much she loves MDMA and the cameltoe from her tights. They often "slut it up" at shows in search of E, or even better Molly. (Rolling chicks love Molly more than anything in the world.)
1.Did you see those rolling chicks grinding up on me at the club? They just wanted to give me STDs and take my drugs.

2.HEY N***IGGA! Why are there so many rolling chicks up in this bitch? That's not how i get down, G. NIG*GA NIG*GA NIG*GA! ADDITIONAL GENERIC RACIAL SLUR NI***GGA!
by Broober T. Warshington December 29, 2008
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