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A kid at school who uses a rolley backpack. They're usually smart, read a lot (you can always find one in the library), hang out with other rolley baggers (most often they only hang out with rolley baggers), eat lunch together, usually teacher's pet, suck-up, and are pretty unpopular.
Andy: Dude, this rolley bagger was reading during English class while the teacher told us we had to work on our essays.

Donovan: Owned.

Andy: Not really. He got away with it.

Donovan: That's hella stupid!

Andy: I know! He probably only got away with it because he's the teacher's favorite student and has like an A+ in the class.

Donovan: Wow dude. Is he the teacher's pet?

Andy: As always. And, he's a total suck-up too.
by BCPYogurt May 07, 2009
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