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A Rollerboard first of all is not a fucking Hoverboard. A Rollerboard is a stupidly expensive dangerous skateboard like scooter that is susceptible to exploding due to the poor build quality. These can be found anywhere in public and are discernible because of those lazy asses who do not want to walk. Please do not become like those fuckboy's who waste their money to attract attention or look like Justin Beiber.
Aaron: Hey that fucking rich kid has a Rollerboard.

John: Wait what, those are Hoverboards (Most retards call it by this name).

Aaron: No, they clearly do not levitate John if you can see.

Aaron: I sometimes question your retardation level, just like those fags who buy these things.

John: Sorry, Ill try better to raise my intelligence.
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by Sixshot34 March 27, 2016
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