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Under the influence of XTC.
"I'm Rollin' Balls!!"
"Dawg, you tryin' to roll tonight?"
"Do you know where i can get some bomb rolls?"
by Nic M. December 28, 2007
To leave, or to go somewhere.
"Yo, let's roll outta here"
by Uzo June 11, 2005
A term used by police when they get one person to confess another's crime.

Doing Ecstasy
Eddie already rolled on Greg.

We rolled together last night.
by We're Disposable Teens April 10, 2005
to show your appreciation for the Alabama Crimson Tide
Saul is rollin every Saturday for the tide.
by schmorgasboard April 19, 2010
1. (n) ecstasy
2. (v) to be under the influence of ecstasy
3. (v) to construct a cigarette or marijuana cigarette
1. Let's get some rolls for the rave tonight.
2. I was rolling so hardcore yesterday.
3. That man sure knows how to roll a joint.
by shayhm March 14, 2009
Informal to make something at home; manufacture anything non-commercially (descended from the practice of rolling one's own paper-wrapped smoking instruments)
I don't buy store-bought spaghetti sauce: I roll my own from scratch.
by Jon64Bailey April 08, 2013
v. The act of being on MDMA of any kind, such as e pills or mali powder.

n. An e pill.
I'm rolling so hard man, would it be weird if I cuddled with you?

I found some cheap rolls dude, you down for a crazy night?!
by M. Sherm August 17, 2010
1.) The effects of ecstasy: Euphoria, Empathy, Extreme amounts of energy

2.) The slang term for 100 pills, used for drug dealing
i.) Dude I'm rolling so hard right now!

ii.) I'll give you 300 bucks for a roll of that Molly.
by GhostyCat June 25, 2010