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'Roggle Mist' is a term to define someone who has many annoying attributes, a person who fits in to a certain stereotype (one of particular annoyance to others) There is usually a 'Roggle Mist' and every place of work, college etc. If a person has 3 or more of the following attributes then they must be 'Roggle Mist'

- Extreme Banter, Often At Inapproapriate Times.
- A Sense Of Grandeur, often incorrectly. Particularly about their own personal strength and fighting abilities.
- Lightweight ability towards the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
- Instead of wanting to participate in various weekend activities with friends, deciding to become involved with a terrible sport (usually Golf)
- The Inability to place a winning bet.
- To always include themselves in the conversation, and then proceed to butt in with their own personal views, many of which are completely incorrect or stupid (this attribute often contributes to the 'inability to place a winning bet' attribute)
- Even though they are very sure of their physical capabilities (however inaccurate) never actually managing to 'nut up' and see out the fight.
- Will never admit to having a worse phone than you, even though his phone is extremely standard.
Dude, look at that total Roggle Mist over there wearing his lo-top grey and yellow converse. I bet he likes to Rusty Spaceman
by La Chunklegasm June 07, 2010
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