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ROEL, ROELLE or ROWEL is the defined the closest to be a perfect human being in the world girl or boy, so sexy that you might die in a SPLIT SECOND . REALLY BEAUTIFUL inside and out! . RARELY SMILES, but really cute. Very fashionable and trendy.

IQ that exceeds the level of his/hers weight . and photographic memory that can remember the slightest moment. Can learn subjects beyond its level at early age.

Sports skills are average but can reveal high expectations if tries. Kind-hearted, Down to earth, Caring, Giving, Honest, and Mature. always thought of being an average human, because of the insecurity and jealousy of the people that surrounds him/her. Popular and cool, but not described as bitchy. Rich, tremendously talented in the arts and music. lovable and enjoys being with friends.
Oh is that Rowel? I wish I was him/her.

Hey Roelle! nice clothes. You look so beautiful !

Roel, you have a really high Intelligence Quotient
by 3.14159 pwns October 10, 2010
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