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A Peruvian slang term for "hand job," also a common name in South America.

The name is commonly misspelled "Rodalfo."
Craig: Hey bro, Rodolfo gave me a rodolfo.
Khamid: Oh yeah, How was your rodolfo?
Craig: That was the best rodolfo I've ever had. Rodolfo did a great job with my rodolfo.
Khamid: Did you pay him?
Craig: No, Rodolfo did it for free.
by Shawn Mitchell 2'nd November 28, 2007
A guy who can be there for you at anytime you are in a bad mood, sad, depressed, and lonely. Rodolfo is define as a caring person that you can depend on, and can be your friend easily and maybe even more than friends if you truly love him.
"Rodolfo is an amazing person!"
"Rodolfo always helps me with social problems and love life."
by akosirrr October 22, 2008
A man with an 6extra large penis, that gives any girl that comes forth the pleasure of their life.

Also reffered to as an erection with an extremely large magnitude
Dude, that girl just gave me a total rodolfo man... its awesome!
by 8andahalfincher January 02, 2009
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