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place. Cosmopolitan Albertan city ideally located where the heart of the glacial gravel deposits meet the shoulder of the Rocky Mountain alluvial boulder accretions. Industry is quite diversified. Factories where large limestone rocks are pummeled into dust for concrete manufacturing stand arm-in-arm with factories where gravel is carefully sieved for concrete manufacturing.

David Thompson, a Welshman posing as a Scottish Hudson Bay surveyor under an assumed accent, is honoured with a museum and re-created wooden fort on the less-dusty side of town. Each summer a festive re-creation of the stripping of the area's resources by Europeans with an exaggerated sense of entitlement is staged by local actors dressed as fur traders. Lemonade is available.

Shooting Wapiti, deer, rapids, muskrats, mallards, stoneys, goldeye and pool are popular pursuits as are participating in rodeo events and living life large.

Education is a priority as is participation in civic government and watching hockey. Some of the best hockey players in the world have come from near Rocky Mountain House and it is fondly remembered by many players as the place where they first scored.
Let's go to Rocky Mountain House this week-end. We could watch the rodeo, buy a sack of gravel and get our windshield repaired.

So many windshield repair shops! You think there might be a bit too much gravel out that way?
by gnostic1 August 13, 2011
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A small town in Alberta Near Red Deer that is commonly prided on its "oil and agriculture". Beyond this is has a population of grade nines with the single lowest IQ ever. Rocky can be known for it's toothless bar folk at the bottom of its "main street" or for how amazingly greasey everyone who works at McDonald's is. Often the people from Rocky when asked where they are from will not respond and will try to change the subject with the lightning fast reflexes of a sloth.
"Hey where are you from?"- Rando
"The sky is blue wanna ride bicycles?"- Rocky Mountain House Folk
by Luigi87000 January 18, 2007
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