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A term used by seasoned drummers to note and harshly discourage an inefficient tom set up used by a new drummer. Can often be seen as two toms placed in ridiculous amounts of angle, the bottom facing out and the top facing in.

Basically, if you suck technically at setting up your drums it shows. Also your technique is no good and you're going to damage your wrists/hands...for life.
New Drummer: Look at my new drumset isn't it cool. I rock.

Drummer: How long you been playing dude?

New Drummer: Two weeks, isn't my set up wicked sweet?

Drummer: No...1. Good stuff, taking up a cool instrument. 2. you suck, learn more before you boast. And 3. You got some major Rocket Ship Toms action going on here...your wrists are going to die.

New Drummer:...oh.
by BeckManhattan May 08, 2007
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