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Rare but Freaky. Symptoms include: extreme halucinations of alien abduction, localized earthquakes of approximately 8.2 on the richtor scale which shake your whole house, ending in severe anal bleeding and aperant telaportation -- in which the subject/victim falls asleep somewhere (say, in bed) and wakes up inexplicably somewhere completely different (like on the front lawn or in another state) Usually, the subject/victim has no credibility and can not prove the event, but is, none the less, very traumatized. Example: See TV's House. Season 3. Episode 4.
Person 1:
"Dude you were WASTED yesterday, what happened?"

Person 2:
"I don't even wana talk about it. I woke up in the bathroom at Arby's"

Person 1:
"What the hell?...we didn't even go to Arby's last night!"

Person 2:
"I know... and my ass and gus are KILLIN me"

Person 1:
"Rocket ass syndrom...happens to me all the time!"
by mrkompressor June 03, 2008

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