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A competion in East Rockaway High School that takes place between the months of January and March, involving students in grades 9 through 12. Rock Rivalry consists of many competitive and creative events, such as a sports night, arranging/directing a short musical production, and creating both a stand and mural to reflect the theme of each respective performance. Nassau Community College studies have found that the competition causes a great deal of inter-class and intra-class tensions. In addition, the only award for winning said event is a silver cup that the class can only keep for 2 days, usually resulting in copious amounts of alcohol consumption for both winners and losers alike. For about 2 months, this is all the high school will be talking about. East Rockaway High School has had this tradition every year since 1936
Josh: I think we are going to beat the juniors this year in Rock Rivalry

Tom: Yea maybe but also watch out for the freshman and sophomores!
by GingerKing49 December 25, 2011

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