a whole bunch of bitchez(cockafella)some of da bitchez gay-z kanye freeway beans all faggots...only good motha fuckaz is da diplomats....only 14yr old white bitchez from like north dakota like em.. Nas killed u mother fuckaz on Ether
rockafeller died of aids thats the end of his chapter thats the guy yall chose to name ya company afta.........is he h to the omo ,,m to the izzo u phony ass rap version of sisqo.......foxy got u hot cuz u kept ya face in her puss what u think u gettin girls now cuz of ya looks(bunch of gay-z disses)......Fuck Jay-z-----(Tupac)
by Makaveli June 13, 2004
Top Definition
A record label founded by Jay-Z, Damon Dash, and Kareem Burks. Rappers such as Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, Amil, Cam'Ron, and Kanye West have been signed to the label.
Jay-Z is the founder of Roc-a-Fella Records.
by Big C-Dub April 23, 2007
If you are searching up this definition, then download the following songs:

Nas - H to the OMO (or Stillmatic Freestyle)
Nas - Ether

"Rip the FREEWAY, shoot through MEMPHIS with money bags
Stop in Philly, order cheese steaks and eat BEANS fast
And bring it back up top, remove the fake king of New York
You show off, I count off when you sample my voice
I rule you, before, you used to rap like the FU-SHNICKENS
NAS designed your BLUEPRINT, who you kidding?
For shizzle you phony, the rapping version of SISQO
And that's for certain, you clone me, your wack clothes line
I'd rather Sean John, bore me with your fake ass rhymes
And those times, they never took place, you liar
UN was your first court case, you had no priors"

Nas - H to the OMO
by dun dun... FUCK JAY-Z January 08, 2005
The best record label in the world, WORD!
Rocafella better than anyone! They got Jay-Z, KanYe West, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel and the list goes on......
by Damon Dash June 19, 2005
Gods Gift to women. Most known for Rocafella Records or the ROC Dame Dashs record company co ownd by Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z all made possible by Def Jam.
Freeway is signed ta rocafella records
by George December 11, 2003
record label produce by jay-z
the BEST RAPPER rigth NOW!2003
by young hova June 24, 2003
A hard/ erect penis that is ready to nut. (note) a rocafella is usually gotten through being teased
The stage before blue balls
that chick in the blue with the fat ass gave me rocafella. i'm trynna figure out whats good for tonight, im sayin...
by Beantown_chica November 11, 2004
One of the most under rated labels of hip hops era. A Great label, with great rappers, and clever & intelligent owners. They way ahead in the game than most rappers, including Esco's-Trash and 50. But people like yourselves dont see talent when it stares u in the face and see nas as a great rapper off one song, even though knaye would murder nas with 1/2 a bar. FUCK NAS!!
"fell from top 10 ten to not mentioned at all, and everybodys oochie wally verse was better than yall, matter fact u had the worst flow on the whole fucking song but i know, the sun dont shine, the sun dont shine thats why ur laaaaaaame"

"u say u been innit 10 i been innit 5, smarten up nas, 4 albums in 10 years nigga i can divide thats one every lets say 2, to of them shits was do, one was naaa!!, the other was illmatic, thats a one hot album every ten year average and thats so laaaaaame"

"ur an actor ur not who ur predicted to be ur street dreamin all yall niggaz livin through me i gave u light when niggaz where forgettin u MC"

"rocafella, bitch"
by Kitchener September 26, 2005

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