Robyn is a code name for someone who is fucking annoying on msn, a robyn is always on msn and always feels the need to talk to you at the most inconveinient time. A robyn is usually a really weird girl.
'Ohh fuck no, not now!'

'whats up man?'

'Robyn is on msn'
#msn #robyn #annoyance #code #name
by THE_GUY16 April 22, 2010
Robyn: The scientific term for a Man, trapped inside a female body.

And is the counterpart to a Fernando

A Robyn, at first glance, resembles a woman, usually having huge breasts. *It is unknown what may have caused this...Further research is needed*

But like a Fernando, a Robyn lacks traits which a defining for their born gender – For example, Robyn’s tend to lack vaginas.

They possibly have balls…And a VERY HIGH sex drive due to the high levels of testosterone in their bodies.
Person 1: Daaamn she has big boobs
Person 2: Dude, that's a Robyn with breast implants
#robyn #robin #shemale #heshe #fernando
by haydenslaughisprettyfunny June 11, 2009
a immature, two faced bitch
Girl 1: I am so nice to this one girl
Girl 2: I no and she hates you

Girl 3: What a Robyn
#bird #bitch #slow #immature #jerk
by gg1491 June 17, 2009
An adjective for a really shit version of something, Often used as an object of abuse.
wow, thats so bad that its robyn!
#wank #crap #bird #gay #shit #poo
by wowowowowowowowowowowowowow2009 November 27, 2007
adjective for a transsexual prostitute, often used after said prostitute gives unsatisfactory head.
God, that sucked. That hoe was such a robyn.
#prostitute #head #sexxx #hottie #blow
by windowpane August 27, 2007
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