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A Robsten Shipper is somebody who 'ships' Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart together,meaning they want Rob & Kris to date. This phenomenon started when Twilight, the first movie started filming. Robert was cast as Edward Cullen & Kristen Stewart was cast as Bella Swan. Women of all ages fell in love with fictional couple, Edward & Bella, and automatically started hoping for Robert & Kristen to start dating. Robsten Shippers basically wanted to see Edward and Bella dating in real life & their obession grew as each movie was being filmed. Robsten Shippers outnumber the Twilight fans that just enjoy the books for what it is and dont care if Rob & Kris do or dont date each other. They obsesses & track Rob & Kris's every move to try & find out if they're in the same city, analyze everything they say in interviews & they even analyze the actors clothing . For example, the Robsten Shippers get very excited if Rob & Kris are wearing the same sunglasses, same color tshirt, same brand of shoe. Robsten Shippers typically reject & attack any opinion that is different from their own, meaning if you do not believe that Rob & Kris are dating, they will verbally attack that person for having their own opinion. Robsten Shippers normally reside on Twitter, Live Journal, Rob & Kris fan sites & there're fan sites dedicated to Robsten, Rob & Kris dating. Whether Rob & Kris are dating is open for debate but for a Robsten Shipper, in their minds Edward & Bella are 100% dating in real life.
Robsten Shippers internet "war cry" is.. 'Robsten Lives" "Robsten Forever" and "Robsten Rules" A Robsten Shipper typically likes to tell anybody who doesn't believe the same way they do to.... "Suck It"
by AntiShipping August 17, 2010
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