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A mock frat house that aims to screw the rules, piss-off deans, and defy the laws of originality at every turn.

Robot House is not an organization, it is a state of mind - aimed at taking back the freedom and fun from every dictator without a sense of humour.
"Whenever a fire alarm is pulled, it's Robot House. Whenever the campus liquor store is looted, Robot House. Every time a human corpse is desecrated—"
"-uh, I can explain that-"
"That's enough out of you! From this day forth, Robot House is on dodeca-tuple secret probation!"
#robot #house #animal house #frat #fraternity #futurama
by RuleNo2 June 10, 2008
the best fucking house alive. this is animal house for the 30th century.
guy 1-where u living now
guy 2-robot house, u?
guy 1-some gay fudgepacking frat
guy 2-loser
by the November 13, 2004
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