Correct name: Robinson Secondary School

A secondary school, located in Farfax County, Virginia. The largest public school in the state of Virginia, and the largest public building in Fairfax County. Mascot is the Ram (Most likely chosen simply because it starts with R). The library (called a "Media Center" for an unkown reason) is run by nazis who make the drive to one of the public libraries in the area seem well worth it. Recent addition of a Victorian style clock (thanks, but no thanks '06) in the front has the student population scratching their heads. 07's gift may be tearing it down... A certain head security staff member (named after a certain city in Ohio) enjoys blowing his favorite wistle at ppl 2 feet away from him. The official school colors are blue and gold (though the cheerleaders seem to favor the color blue in their cheers). On a side note, Robinson has the largest IB Diploma programme in the country. IB therefore I BS. Go Rams! LB sucks!
person A - "I go to Robinson High School"
person B - ".....ok?" 0.o
by dhaanrireilsroemro07 October 15, 2006
Top Definition
A prison in Northern Virginia.
We're forced to do slave labor for 7 hours a day at Robinson.
by Ladidadi September 30, 2004
if your not smart, dont expect the teachers to give a shit
Man, if my teachers paid less attention to me, people might think i attend Robinson High School
by fuck robinson January 12, 2005
Correct name: Robinson Secondary School

School located in Burke, Virginia. Lost the Football State Championship. Rivals with Lake Braddock.

Consists of: Gangstas, nerds, jocks, goths, punks, stoners, and preppies.
There are too many dumbasses in Robinson.
by Eric Burdon February 10, 2005
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