The pretiest sunsets, the most genuine people, and the BEST summers ever.
This place is 1000 times better than Disneyworld!!
Home of the: Greenfields,Colliers,Corleys,and Immermans!
If you dont get to experience Robindel within your lifetime..I FEEL BAD FOR YOU
...If you ever meet someone from JUNIPER 2006..bow down to THEM!!
"I've got the Robindel Spirit all over me..."
by LOVE JUNIPER 2006 December 19, 2006
Top Definition
MOST AMAZING PLACE ON EARTH! swear to god, dreams come true. you want to come here, and if you never do, that sucks. CR=LIFE (and btw if you ever get to meet anyone from J04, bow down to them)
kinda like disneyland, but better
by J04 is better January 16, 2005
A New Hampshire EXPERIENCE. The most amazing place on earth. J'05 is the best JUNIPER ever don't even try J'04. The MOST EXPENSIVE CAMP in NH and the nicest most bestest. On the beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee in Center Harbor. Our camp has everything cuz it's the best. Campers will leave Robindel feeling better about themselves because their lives have been fufilled at Robindel.
Aren't you jealous you don't go to Robindel.
You go to Robindel? OMG that's amazing.
by Kapernicker June 07, 2005
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