British dude who got famous for his interpretation of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and got even more famous after playing the role of Edward Cullen on the movie Twilight. Adored by millions of stupid fans,who blindly think he is gorgeous, not realizing that his flat face really look's like he was hit by a big, hard, flat plank when he was little, leaving him hideous for the rest of his life. He doesn't give a shit about what his fans think about him and likes to drink and get hung over.
fan 1: Oh look there is Robbert Pattinson!

fan 2: OMG he is so gorgeous! Hey Robert! sign us an autograph!

Robert Pattinson: stupid fans... why can't they go get a life and leave me be?
by simple.funny.hyper.crazy March 17, 2009
1) possibly the ugliest actor on the current face of hollywood who will soon attempt (and fail) to portray the most beautiful character in the current literary craze, twilight.

2) only got the part of said character because Gaspard Ulliel was too pretty/busy/good for the movie and probably would have realized this himself half-way through and then quit.
smart person (i.e. person with eyes): did you see that robert pattinson guy who's supposed to be Edward?
dumb person (i.e. complete waste of space): LyKe yEsS, 0mGz!11! r0bErT pAtTiNsoN iS s00 sExiiii!!1! hE's sOo mY bF!!1!1!
(pause pause)
smart person: you're a tool.
by meeved July 10, 2008
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