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Robe Di Kappa is an expensive range of clothing from sportswear company Kappa

Robe Di Kappa was popular in the 80s due to the release of the classic Robe Di Kappa polo with an appeal to younger wearers for it's classy yet casual look.

It is recognised by it's famous logo known as the "Omini" which is of a man and woman sitting back to back it was created by mere accident in 1969 and has been kept ever since

Robe Di Kappa also produce sweaters, cardigans, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, smart socks and other smart options but unlike it's big brother Kappa it does not produce any sportswear items.

It is also classed as an "Elitist" and "Preppy" brand due to it's rarity and high price tag as it can't be bought in most stores
Joe: Hey Matt! nice shirt!

Matt: Thanks Joe, it's Robe Di Kappa

Joe: How much that cost?

Matt: £60

Joe: Nice! bit pricy though

Matt: Oh you think that's bad...try LOOKING for the brand...
by TheRetroGuy July 06, 2011
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