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A sexual exploit which is an hybrid of spit roasting and the donkey punch, or atomic donkey punch. At the point of climax the male at the mouth end of the male/female subject of the act withdraws, administers the blow the the back of the head/neck so that the subject passes out and the male at the rear finishes the job as with any usual donkey punch.
Guy 1: Quick, I'm going to splurge. Hurry up and boff her round the head so I can cook her a Roast Donkey.
Guy 2: Ok.
Guy 3/Woman 1: Huh?
Guy 2 swiftly beats Guy 3/Woman 1 over back of head/neck so as to knock them out.
Guy 1 shoots load.
by Chuckie Dizzle July 19, 2008
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