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The rarest of farts, this anomaly occurs when wearing jeans that are way too tight. Gas is released from the anus but has nowhere to escape, so it travels along the taint to the pocket created by your balls against your leg, then is released to either side of your package. It usually results in a bizarre tickling sensation and sounds like cat meowing backwards.
"What the fuck was that!?"
"That noise that just came from your groinal region!?"
"Oh, that. I just dropped a roaming gnome. These pants are two sizes to small."
by udm111 February 25, 2010
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Little, dwarf-like creatures with pointy red hats. By day, you may see them frolick merrily in people's gardens alongside tulips and fresh soil, though at night they are rumored to steal your undergarments, preferably socks. Some believe this is in protest of them being decorative lawn ornamnents.
Mom! That thing on the lawn stole my sock again!
by IndieGirl March 02, 2005
A small little annoying tv commercial star for travelocity. He wears a small pointy hat and speaks with a gay accent.
Gnome: traveling and saving
Man: smack
Man 2: thanks I hate the Roaming Gnome
by CARSONSCOTT August 10, 2009

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