The art of driving around and purposely pissing off other drivers.
A road troll decides when and where and who to troll on. One bad move can result in a deadly accident OR a speeding ticket.
Example One: You just turned right into a two lane street. There is a car trying to pass you but you match their speed and don't let them pass. The other driver flips you off before switching back into your lane behind you.

Example Two: In a packed parking lot, a loser looking for a space asks you "Hey are you leaving?" "No!" You sit in your car until they leave and then you back up and leave. Someone else gets that space.

Example Three: You turn right on to a two lane road. There is a driver trying to pass you because you are too slow because you just merged into the street. You floor the gas pedal (DANGEROUS) and they angrily get back into your lane. WHERE THEY BELONG.

"Hey guess what I did yesterday?"
"I hella road trolled on this old ass lady at the college. She asked if I was leaving and with the most serious face I said "No, I'm getting a book". Someone else got the space"
"Road trolling!"
by roadtroller;) November 15, 2011

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