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i.e. When one attempts to kill a roach and fails.

After this violent act of attempted insecticide, one thinks "oh well..." and casually continues his or her prior activity as if nothing had transpired.

A few moments later, you're chillaxin' and it's business as usual. Then, like a freakish bat out of hell, said roach rises from the shadows to exact vengeance on your ass and jumps ALL UP on YOU! and crawls ALL over your SHIT! and your just RUNNIN' AROUND whilst SMACKING yourself in an attempt to KNOCK it off! AND ALL HELLFIRE BREAKS LOOSE AND HOLY FUCK!!!
Marty: (Stops drinking for a moment and tries to stomp a fleeing roach) ... Bastard got away.
Michael: Don't kill roaches.
Marty: Why, cuz they'll come back to get me... (scoffs and resumes trying to flirt with the cute brunette)
Micheal: (Moments later) Roach revenge mofos! ON YOUR SIX MATAY!
Marty: (Frantic as the roach climbs his leg) Huh... Shitfire! Get it off me! HUAAHHHHH!
Micheal: What'd fuck I tell you?
Marty: Shut up.
by Marty "Houston" Valentino Sh. October 08, 2006

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