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v: When you rip a hard belly laugh so hard that you snort through your nose. The best ones are when you rip snort, causing someone else to crank a hard belly laugh leading to a rip snort. this can continue until someone farts or (best of all) shits her pants. Women are the best rip snorters for some unknown reason.
Matt: That was a massive rip snort.

Mike: I know, and I think your Mother just shit her pants.
by mcroson January 14, 2011
The most horrible fart imaginable
also known as the act of ripsnorting and the actee - the ripsnorter
Oh dear lord, did you just ripsnort one on me? good god i think something crawled up your ass and died
by ripsnorterer September 13, 2009
it can be anything you want it to be or something exagerated
"just pass me that ripsnort will you" or "its on the ripsnorter" or "man that was a ripsnorter
by likul hikky April 16, 2007

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