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Pronounced: Ree Oh Rise Ner

A person with emmense strength.
1. In Resident Evil 4, in the "Mercernaries" mini-game, in the Water World level, the huge man with the two chainsaws chained together is a Rio Risner.

2. If a person working on upper body strength is confronted by another person for any reason, the following conversation may occur:

Person Working Out: "Man-Arms!!!!"
Other Person: "Rio Risner!!!!"
PWO: "RIO SMASH!!!!!!!"
Both simultaneously: "ERG!!!!!!!"

3. Fact: Rio Risner is the true reason for the sinking of the Titanic. He was doing laps in the Atlantic Ocean and swam straight through it.

4. If caught in a mosh pit with a Rio Risner, you're pretty much done for.
by Derek Ulrich November 01, 2007
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