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When you stop talking to a person you are used to talking to everyday,can happen after a break up, a fight between two best friends,anything that leaves you to where a phone that the person used to contact you on no longer is ringing. Symptoms may appear that you keep checking your inbox to see if you missed a text they sent your way to apologize,possibly checking for a missed call. but either way suffering from R.P.S will leave it to where this person is on your mind constantly because you begin assuming that person is happy without having you in their life. some R.P.S before symptoms are when the person you talk to frequently starts replying to you telling you that they aren't replying because they are just "Busy" but before you know it they will no longer say they are "Busy" and they'll soon leave you to be sick with Ringless Phone Syndrome

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Friend 1 - "Well shes finally gone man, im going through Ringless Phone Syndrome (R.P.S)"

Friend 2 - "She didnt treat you good anyways man, youll get though it"

Girl 1 - "He wont text me anymore! Like omg! do you think hes happy without me! Ive been waiting three days for him to just apologize"

Girl 2 - "Chill girl! your just going through Ringless Phone Syndrome (R.P.S) , you dont need him even if he does call back"
by SupMikecheck October 26, 2011

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