When you punch a virginal girl in the hymen to break it, preferable with a large ring.
That bitch was giving me lip last night, so I ring popped her with my class ring.
by Twizzla March 11, 2010
Top Definition
A plastic ring with a large, circular base that is placed on the topside of your hand. A half-inch long plastic rod is sticking up out of it, holding on a flavourful lollipop. Tends to leave a sticky residue all over your hands, because when you suck on a lollipop and then let it 'dry' it kind of... Melts.
Kid one: -sucking noise-
Kid two: Why are you sucking your knuckles?!
K1: -surfaces- Dude! I'm suckin' on a Ring Pop!
K2: Oooohhh, cool!
by Karaix August 25, 2008
A ringpop is a dick that looks exactly like ringpop candy. Commonly used as an insult or as a title for someone who has a ringpop dick.
"Hey ringpop!"
"Oh man so anyway, he has a ringpop yo! He whipped it out and I was like...OH MY GOD!!!"
by Jeff McManus May 04, 2003
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