Small, elvish looking character with hair similar to tom delonge. often found chatting up young girls or his boss. rik is a Nymphomainiac. rik likes head.
Man: Rik, your gay
Rik: dude, Im not

Party at rik's house, drunk 13 year olds for everyone


A - Dude, what is rik wearing?
B - A lumberjack shirt and tight-ass pants
by Azz July 29, 2004
Top Definition
Used in short for Rikshaw. Rikshaw is a mode of transport in India similar to cab
I had to walk a mile to get a Rik today.
by cr@p August 06, 2010
1. Noun. A place of party.

2. Verb. To party.
On Saturday we are going to rik at the rik.
by SweatyWarlus April 02, 2009
The one who doesn't puke when he's drunk
Everybody was puking, but not me, I did a Rik
by Swagmania October 20, 2013
Slang term for mail or email, as in the comedian Rik Mayall.
"I will send you a Rik from work."

"What's a Rik?"

"A mail, an email. A Rik Mayall! Oh forget it!"
by Jack-up man! July 28, 2005
(v) to get as close as possible to physically raping someone in plain clothing, preferably jokingly, and with little repercussions.
Dude, i totally Rik'd that chick.
Yeah, man, i saw, you were all over her and she was like "agh!"
by Brah123 December 26, 2005
Slang for Erik. Meaning a French person who will not admit that they are French.
Don't they take showers in your contry? You must be a Rik
by Brandolium Klovvenjourgh September 27, 2007
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