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Cool gang on SBTB that had the best parties with the hottest 8th grade girls attending! Seriously 'der!
Matt Deiotte wanted to be a Rigma, but he just wasn't cool enough. He was super bent about it because they even had a N3.14 in the gang named Trevor.
by Delmoko78 February 26, 2009
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the name of the cool gang in Saved By The Bell, that wanted Zack to join but he didnt want to alienate his real friends. but that gang was pretty sweet. they had red jackets that said RIGMA on the back. holy that is wicked. My brother Ryan is an Official member and his nickname has been Rigma for like 8 years.
i wish the RIGMA's would let me join because i have lame early 90's clothes too, and a frizzy haired girlfriend that wears a bunch of crappy neon colored jewelery!
by Brody S. April 13, 2006
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