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Upon seeing your friend/associate/work mate/family member being sick and flapping their wings (see "chunder dragon"), you niftily launch yourself onto their back, cling on tight and proclaim to anyone lucky enough to witness this once in a lifetime event, "YEEEAAH! RIDING THE CHUNDER DRAGON!"

Alternately, if the dragon is so shitfaced it has dropped to its knees while chundering, you can straddle its back like an angry jockey on a fucked up horse. This may come with the added comic effect of slamming their face into a pool of their own regurgitated stomach acids.

To date there are only legends of mighty men who have been brave enough to ride the fabled Chunder Dragon. If you ever get the chance to join this elite of immortal heroes, do not falter
Man 1 "oh shit, i'm gonna chunder lads..."
Everyone "Holy shit, fucking AWESOME!"
by ChunderDragonRider September 10, 2010
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