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A lame, cornball Radio DJ who hosts "Weekly Top 40", a syndicated Radio Countdown show that comes on at 12:00 on weekends right after the "Ash Ketchum and the Pokemon Bunch Top 40 Countdown."(*shudder*) He is Ryan Seacrest's Arch Nemesis and hates his rival show, "American Top 40", which he stole from Casey Kasem. I don't know him or give a damn about him or anything but I hate him! "Disco Duck" was so terrible, it even plagues OUR Generation! Imagine Howard The Duck. Now add in Disco! (*shudder again*)
John Witherspoon: "Yi Dee Dee! Rick Dee Dees! I hate Dee Dee Dees!"
by G-Union 2 August 30, 2004
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