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Instead of the usual "hey, what's up?" Rick'd means to poke someone instead of greeting them. Usually done in a random manner and one who does this is called a "Ricker"
Natalia- "hey did you see doug today?"

Adam- "yeah, the kid Rick'd me."
by Dilara July 07, 2006
a meek mouse character with a sanchez mustache. Most useless manager ever.
see examples.
Rick D -
sounds good.
i'll take care of it.
you moxies people are so high maintenance.
"Rick your using windex to clean the tables!!! "thats ok."
seat table 70.
its still open.
red lobster.
by Laura/saren December 26, 2008
A cheap, broke down, propped up shanty of a person.
Did you see that guy that hit on me at the bar? He was rick'd.
by PeaceupAtowndown June 06, 2016
Drunk more than once in one day.
I got Rick'd yesterday!
I'm going to get Rick'd today!
Tomorrow I'm getting Rick'd!
Want to get Rick'd with me?
by Tellinthatruth June 08, 2016
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