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Ridgewood, New Jersey, AKA Richwood, New Jersey. A rich, preppy town located 35-minutes Northwest of Manhattan, New York; in Bergen County, NJ. Simply put, Heaven on earth - where the sun always shines bright and there is never a cloudy day in sight, the children skip to Ridgewood High School picking dandelions on their way there, dogs play, birds chirp, cats meow, cows jump over the moon, there is always a smile on everyone's face and there is never a bad day or a dull moment. The people are beautiful, the food is magnificent (but the only good pizza to be found in the world is in Glen Rock, NJ) the culture is thriving, the women are stunning, the men are handsome, the lawns are finely manicured (and so are the bushes, if you know what I mean) the houses are pristine, the diamonds are real, the cars are new, the clothes are custom, the hair is perfect, the coffee is fresh, the bagels are hot, the parks are clean, the curbs are swept, the roads are paved in gold, there is always a spring in everyone's step, and tomorrow always gets better.
Those pretzel-rolling, sausage-stuffing, pizza-eating big-mouth New Yackers have nothing on me! I'm from Richwood, NJ, the greatest place on earth!
by RichRichwoodKid September 12, 2013

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