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Someone with a subway-sized foot long schlong. Has inserted his schlong into many females and is often payed money by trophy wives to give them the service their husbands are incapable of providing. Occasionally referred to as 'Mad Dog', due to his unique characteristic for warping into a dog, getting really mad at people he doesn't like, and mauling them to death. He is also often referred to as 'Richardo Madjokovic', in comparison to the World Number 1 Novak Djokovic, however this is often viewed as an injustice to his tennis playing abilities. Richard was also raised in the hood and regularly slanged dope. He lives the thug life to this day and constantly fucks bitches and makes money. His favourite rap artist of all time is Tupac, who is 99.99% likely to be his father after DNA tests were conducted by Stephen Hawking in 2010. According to many close friends and family, Richard has inherited his father's rapping talents and is predicted to unleash his unique skills onto the American hip-hop scene within weeks. There is much speculation that his debut album will be titled 'His eyez on me' as a testimony to his father's life and career. There have been reports that Mad Dog has been dating Victoria's Secret models, Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima, at the same time. He is also believed to have fathered Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's child, North-West, although he claims he had no say in the naming of the child.
- Oh my god, I had sex with this guy last night. It was amazing. It was like a 5/10 on the Mad Dog scale.
- Eminem: my main inspiration was Tupac, however his love child with Biggie Smalls' wife, Richard Maddock, is my hero. That guy is venemous on the mike. His rhymes are potent and I can honestly say that he has made women cum in their pants through simply whispering in their ears.
by Tupacisthegreatestrapperever69 October 15, 2013

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