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When someone with money, privilege, snobbish values, and lack of self-discipline, think that gives them the right to force their narrow-minded, snobbish, and worthless values/opinions on others.

They're often White, often Moderates and Progressives, and often college educated with no ability to think for themselves. They often force help on others and pretend they are helpless. They don't believe others should look or be as they please, and thus support zoning laws, neighborhood associations, dress codes, etc. They constantly make up new laws, new etiquette rules, new dress codes, and new ways to pretend to get offended to control, enslave, and manipulate others. Unlike normal people who pretend to not notice differences in others, they often say little digs, give unwanted advice about whatever differences they perceive, or make little unwanted "helpful" statements. If someone has a birth defect related to gender, the person with RTS may say, "If that's how you want to live," when the person lives no differently from most other people. They often move to low-income neighborhoods or volunteer there to control folks, boss others around, take over, exploit the citizens, change their lifestyles, and impress others.

Most inflicted are anyone who tends to suffer snobbishness, hubris, or entitlement mentality. RTS differs from the acute form of Rich Trash in that it is chronic, mostly permanent, more insidious, and overall, more damaging to whatever society it infects.
The local high school once was an accepting and diverse place which allowed all sorts of expression through style and dress until its faculty became infected with Rich Trash Syndrome. Then the new faculty members, who grew up in sheltered environments and who pretended things were disruptive when they weren't to protect their own weak natures, fragile sensibilities, arbitrary standards, control needs, and snob values, decided to make up a bunch of new rules and ban nearly every freedom allowed before. You had to have a pass to even breathe. They claimed they were doing it "for the students," when it was really that they lacked the self-discipline to ignore the preferences of others they disagreed with, and they claimed it was for the grades. Ironically, the grades decreased, bullying increased, and school violence increased. And guess what the stupid folks inflicted with Rich Trash Syndrome want to do? Make even tighter rules.
by Purple Gurl April 11, 2011

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