1. One sexy lady hump
2. One of the worlds biggest suckjobs, first one to get promoted at her job.. which is sucking.. sometimes seen on urbandictionary making up stuff that isn't there, such as this definition
1. Rianna gets you drunk off her humps
2. Every day in Rianna, a fierce drive motivates her to accomplish her work for the day, a need.. a desire.. a job... sucking
by OpiatedONE February 04, 2010
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A girl that laughs alot and can sing with awesomeness. Mostly always talented in different ways. Rebel and can jump really high. Hated and loved by different clicks. Good kid.
Rianna laughs really loud, it's great.
by dogss411 June 09, 2009
An awesome person who you should never screw around with because she's the best thing you could have but once she's gone you'll regret that forever. She's funny, smart, kind, shy, beautiful, true to herself, loving, caring, a truther (most of the time), and just an awesome person to be around. She forgives to easily because she's too nice but that's ok because her heart is 1,000 times BIG. You'll love her.
You : I wish I had a friend like Rianna, she's so kind and funny and forgiving.

Rianna : I'm right here silly goose, of course I'll be your friend lol.

*sits together at the same table in the lunch room in front of everyone, changing history forever*
by hmmmm.i.like.your.fanny.pack June 18, 2013
Can be quite shy at times but once you get to know her she is bright and bubbly. She is extremely pretty and loves to be the centre of attention. Can be jealous quite often and sometimes that can hold her back. She likes to switch friends alot and is attracted to boys with brown hair. She is a really great singer aswell. She can have a few enemys.
Rianna can be bright and bubbly but can also get quite jealous
by Belieber123 May 14, 2012
A girl who's favorite words are "cooter" and "cleaner". She enjoys singing extremely loud, but really well when she is in a choir setting. An A++++ student. A girl who gets all the guys and the girls hate her because she is so completely awesome. She has a curvy figure that EVERYONE dies for!! Her awesomeness makes the world go round!
DANG that Rianna is the bomb, I hate her....
by 2:51 February 04, 2010
A girl who is typically short. She wears glasses and is a dancer. She loves to dance. She is quiet until you get to know her. She has really good friends. She will fall for the artsy quiet type.
"Hey will, i heard you are going out with rianna!"

"Yeah rianna is the best"
by Bananalicous June 10, 2013
The kindest and funniest girl you'll ever meet. Usually shy, but is a AMAZING singer. Laughs lot. Rianna is usually very beautiful/pretty. Loves to dance and is a great artist. Easily falls in love but her soul mate's name starts with S. She makes everyday perfect and is very trustworthy and honest.
Rianna just mde my day!
by .:Dark Kitty:. March 31, 2015

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