The act of performing oral sex on a women from behind by which your tongue enters her pussy while your nose jabs her cornhole, this also works in the prone position and the tongue enters the corhhole while your nose jabs her pussy
" I bent that naughty bitch over and gave her the rhino of her life"
#oral #lick #pussy #cornhole #jab
by RhinoMaster October 08, 2008
To exclaim "I Have AIDS" as you are blowing your load during sex.
Did you here that Bushy gave Drew a rhino!
by Don Was February 28, 2004
The male equivalent of a "Cougar" although a bit more accurately descriptive because "Rhino men" like their animal counterpart are usually wrinkled and horny.
girl 1: Ugh, I went to the bar last night and this Rhino kept telling me how pretty I was, and that i remind him of his middle daughter.
girl 2: did you get his number?
#rhino #cougar #horny old man #sugar daddy #baby banger
by fractalphono March 11, 2010
Also known as an Andi. Noun. Bitchfest. A stupid ugly dumb bitch.
Wow that Rhino is a whore.
#andi #whore #rhino #bich #dumb #ugly #stupid #bitchfest
by camera10 April 27, 2009
When you have freakishly large muscles and you are dumb as fuck. Usually called retard strength. On occasion rhinos will usually fake heart attacks during football practices. Also you can never understand this so called rhino. So don't try to make small talk with it. It might have a very freakishly wierd chode as well.
I stuck that rhino in the arm with a pin.
#chode #pin arm #dick face #shit mouth #hairy as fuck
by Mr. Afrojackson February 20, 2009
rob and rachels cool new word

another word for "safee",
which is used too frequently
a positive word of approval.

"thats rhino"
as in thats so kewl

#safe #cool #mint #lush #pigeon
by rachelandrob1000000 March 22, 2007
A fat person. Usually with the name Amber. Wheres hooker eyeliner, and its not everyones favorite animal. In fact everyone hates this animal.
WOAH. Dude look at that rhino its HUGE.
#rhino #monkey #bear #fat #animal #pussy #bitch
by not a rhino June 19, 2010
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