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A Rap Group From Georgina Island Ontario.
Consisting of the rappers: J-Rez, Nanabush,Young Zhoonya,ShapeShifta, G.I. Child, Jester, Freestyle Kyle,Swift One, A-Nishnaabek, A.L.F., Silentz,

Rezset is affiliated with canadian record company, Savage records. They also Make Music With their label mates Sworn Savages.
Check Em Out!!!
Hip Hop enthusiast 1

"Hey Man, did U hear that new Rez-Set Mixtape?"

Hip Hop enthusiast 2

" Of Coarse you stupid muthafucka I'm bumpin that shit on my ipod right now"


Rez-Set native rap tupac hiphop rhymes j-rez rezset rezlife love hate bapes nikes
by J-Rez January 06, 2009
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