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A douchebag racist who spends all of his time on a message board because he has no job -- if you consider mall security as not having a job. He calls other people out as racist for no sane reason but itches to blurt out "nigger", "fag" or "spic" because he is a klansman.

He is always right until he changes his mind but he was still right beforehand. He routinely embarrasses himself online and no one buys into his agenda or cares about his manifesto. His political and social views vary depending on the phase of the moon.

He claims to be a man of character and "on the level" but in reality is everything but. If you want to throw away a few minutes of your time, ask him what it means to be a Christian. Enjoy the side-stepping and non-answers as a result. It is rumored that he has a mild fetish for feces.

He spouts off about how he hates Republicans and Democrats but we all know he secretly voted for Barack Hussein Obama. This is infinitely ironic considering his willing participation in klan activities.

See also: douchebag entry #4
Person #1: "Do as I say, not as I do. I don't need to cite my sources. I'll Google and post anything I want because I am the king of the dung heap."

Person #2: "Hey toolbox. Quit being such a Revox. We've heard your standard response 1000 times already. Go away."
by Eureka 147 March 12, 2009
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