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revol is another word for peace loving and also being a non-stereotype. being a revol is being a lover not a fighter but will fight for the things they love. revol itself when spelled backwards means lover. revol is when one self doesn't support anything bad in the world and will go against it openly when needed.
"i am a revol. i fight for what i love"

"i'm a revol. i don't judge or criticize"

"i'm a revol. i don't hate i just don't like"
by alinofficial18 September 12, 2012
revol also means being a rebel to stand for one's opinion in life and to not be criticized easily.
"i'm sorry to disagree with your judgement towards me but i'm a revol and i stand for what i believe in"
by alinofficial18 September 12, 2012