pole vault over the victim or unsuspecting citizen, launch forward onto your hands, much like child-like leap frog, springing back, carefully placing your dick on the victims face. this should be done in a careful and erotic matter, as to not scare the victim and or unsuspecting citizen.
adventure boy exhibited the allusive and infamous "reverse tea bag" on the unsuspecting teletubby. she, however, was frightened, for adventure boy did not follow the rule of carefullness and erotica.
by PandaAdventureBoyTelePenguin September 13, 2008
Top Definition
A girl on her period squats over a guy's face and repeatedly dips her already insterted tampon string in and out of his mouth. Also called, "the cottonmouth."
"I got back at John for teabagging me by reverse teabagging him when I was on the rag."
by Shooter12 November 25, 2007
When a man wraps his legs around a person's neck (from a lower position) and thrusts his balls upwardly into their mouth.
Janet: "Mitch, wait, what are you doing?"
Mitch: "I call it the reverse teabag."
Janet: "Oh I.... mrumph, mrumph, mrumph."
by Mitch Nasty January 31, 2015
When you're having sex with a girls breasts, but you're facing her feet, and she's tossing your salad (eating your ass). Once you've reverse tea-bagged a girl, you never want to see her again. Trust me. (Commonly referred to as "RTB")
Girl-at-the-bar, "He looks like a nice guy. I bet he'd never reverse tea-bag me!"

Girl-at-the-bar's-friend, "No, he's probably just like Jason, Scotty and Zach. Those assholes."
by Stugots Jr. May 24, 2006
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