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Reverse organisation or reverse organization plus reverse organic terraforming came from a poorly written in places but other wise good Futurama Fan Fiction called "Unbound From The Future" written by so called Rush which is to turn a robot into a organic life forum like a Human opposite meaning of Reverse fossilisation or Reverse organization from Futurama.
"Reverse Organisation"

Farnsworth: 'Anywoo before that happened, I've invented a way to turn Fry into a robot using a process I call "reverse organic terraforming".

Scruffy: 'How does it work?

Farnsworth: 'I'm not bothering to explain how it works, just bear with me.....

Leela: (shouting) 'Wait, is this gonna kill him?

Farnsworth laughs dementedly and with the palm of his hand he slaps his forehead.

Farnsworth: 'Why yes!

Leela: (screaming) 'What! Then stop it!

There is a blinding flash of light and an explosion of smoke which causes everyone to cough.

Farnsworth: 'Oh, you're killing me! You're killing me!

Leela: (screaming) 'Am I? Tell me!

Farnsworth: 'I just told you, you're killing me!

The smoke clears revealing Leela choking Farnsworth.

Leela: (screaming) 'Ahhhh! You killed him! And now I'm gonna you kill you!

Robotic Voice: 'Why?

Everyone gasps, Leela stops choking Farnsworth, and Bender's eyes zoom in so far they fall out of their sockets; as well as at least Bender sh**t four dozens of bricks. Robot Fry sits on the table looking blocky shaped exactly like Universe 31 in "The Farnsworth Parabox".

Farnsworth: 'See, I told you it would work!
by Ramaness December 19, 2009
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