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The Reverse Log Flume is when A girl is balanced on her shoulders and upper back with her legs bent towards her face. A guy is fucking her in the ass while she is shitting and pissing on her own face. The Reverse Log means the girl is geting fucked in the ass because a log (or shit) comes out of the ass, but since the guy is fucking her in the ass its going back in, hense Reverse Log. The flume part actually goes with Log Flume or an amusement park ride in which you get splashed with water in your face at the end. Hense the pissing in her own face part.
Mike - Hey Susie did you finish your chili yet?
Susie- Yes Mike are you going to Reverse Log flume my turtle heading asshole?
by Elohdaeh78 May 22, 2008

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