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Reverse Jack Syndrome (RJS) is the opposite of the syndrome Robin Williams had in the movie "Jack." His character's affliction caused him to grow physically old while still being young in terms of years - RJS is the reverse of this. A person with RJS is relatively young and young-looking but acts and feels as if he/she is approximately 70 years old. For example, a person with RJS is almost always cold, regardless of temperature (this leads to wearing unfashionable slippers at home); has trouble hearing, thus the TV volume is always very loud; likes food commonly associated with old people, for ex. meatloaf and salisbury steak; has trouble with new technology; has preferences in terms of music, books, and culture in general that are usually linked with old folks; and is generally crabby, with the demeanor of a cranky old person.
"Jimmy, why is it 90 degrees in here? WTF?"

"Its cold in here."

"Ah, must be the Reverse Jack Syndrome acting up again."
by Drew D. from Kansas August 05, 2007
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