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When someone is hitting on you (HARD) and you're shooting them down everytime and ruining "sweet" moments and trying your hardest to help them get the picture that you're NOT interested.
When done successfully...this will either:

(a) turn them off to you altogether

(b) break their heart completely

(c) make them think "Eh, ain't worth it I'm not gettin' any."

Don't be afraid to really hit 'em hard...if you're not harsh enough they might confuse it for playing hard-to-get and get even more turned on and clingy.

This process can be done with insults, firebacks. and just plain bitterness.
*Reverse flirts are great for creepers(most of the time)!
Random Joe: Well if it isn't my beauitful moon flower!
Hot Donna: Well if it isn't that talking lump of ick from under my bed.
Random Joe: Hey I'd wait under your bed anyday babe :)
Hot Donna: GO DIE NOW!!
Random Joe: I like 'em fiesty
Hot Donna: Must be why you like your mom so much.
Random Joe: Well she does bake up a mean batch of--
Hot Donna: DON'T SAY IT SICKO. D:<
Random Joe: You know, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to reverse flirt with me...
Hot Donna: Please! Know no better...know WORSE!
Random Joe: Naw you totally dig me.
Hot Donna: D'X#
by myLittleDarkOne June 12, 2011
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