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a chode that's width is equal to its length.
Guy 1:Dude, I was at this gym and I saw a guy who had a chode in the showers.
Guy 2:Dude, I saw a guy that same gym in the showers who had a reverse chode.
Guy 1: Dude, that was me.
Guy 2: No you just have a chode.
Guy 1: Oh, yeah, I guess I was the guy I saw who had a chode.
Guy 3: Yea, and I was the guy with the reverse chode.
Guy 4: Well, I'm glad we got that figured out. Who wants icecream?
Everyone: MEEEE!!
by McDooodle March 06, 2008

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A long slender penis with minimal pleasure.

Note: People with reverse chodes often have premature ejaculation.
Marisa: Hey, how was your night?

Ally: Horrible!

Marisa: Why?

Ally: My partner has a reverse chode. I took off his pants and he came all over me!
by gsh0t June 26, 2010