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A Reverberating Penal Pumper is a person who with no dought is the dumbest and has the smallest penis then anyone that you may know. They are annoying and most of the time only talk about guys so most likely gay. And or listens to Rap Music. Simptoms may include...

Faggoty remarks like, "NO GUYS!" or, "SUCK MY PRETTY LITTLE DICK!" and "SHUT UP! I'M GONNA GO LOOK UP PORN!"

Repeating quotes from movies, Video games, Lame song lyrics, or Television...
"SCREW YOU GUYS I'M GOING HOME." or, "FoRizzle My BiDizzle my Shizzle!" and, "YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK, GOODBYE!" but of course, "LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER!"
Troy: Hey Ryan, you know you're a faggot, right?
Ryan: Suck my pretty little Dick!
Troy: HaHaHaHa...You're nothing but a Reverberating Penal Pumper!
Ryan: Shut Up! I'm gonna go look up porn!
by Troy Forster July 02, 2008
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