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A crush that takes place during or after a reunion of some sort (10 year high school) where you reconnect with someone you once knew from years ago (10 years)

You can't explain or understand what happened, but you just know from the moment you look into your crush's beautiful eyes (brown) and smell their shampoo /hair product. You just know you have a crush and you know you are no longer the same again.
Janny: fess up slut!

Car: I have a crush on Summer, our voice in the morning from 10 years ago - senior year.. REMEMBER??
Janny: *no comment* well ,leave the nice lady alone ok?

Car: Too late - I kinda told her..

Janny: Ewww... you are a creep! Don't tell anyone you know me - I feel embarrassed of you!!! What were you thinking! Poor Summer.

Car: I have a reunion crush and life is good =P
#crush #highschool reunion #confession #creep #reunion
by Car Sun- December 31, 2009
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